How to Prepare Your Multifamily Property for a Heat Wave
Some people roll their eyes when they hear about heat waves on the news. But what they do not realize is that heat waves are much more dangerous natural disasters than hurricanes and tornadoes. Heat waves have the potential to cause people severe health problems and sometimes even death. The term “heat wave” describes a […]
Why Your Multifamily Property Needs a Dog Washing Station
Did you know that more than 50% of American dog owners reside in the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the United States? If you own a multifamily property in a city or central urban location, you can expect to encounter prospective tenants who are dog owners. Of course, you could decide not to allow pets […]
Everything You Need to Know About Make Ready Maintenance
Multi-family property owners and managers must ensure that the walls, floorings, ceilings, utilities, and appliances of their unoccupied units are in satisfactory condition before renting them out. After all, nobody would want to rent a dirty unit with faulty appliances, electricity, and plumbing. The process of improving the living conditions of an unoccupied unit is […]
The Benefits of Submetering for Multi-Family Properties
Every residential house has an electric meter to measure the amount of electrical power consumed on the premises in real-time. They also have an equivalent water meter for measuring the amount of water usage. Utility companies depend on electric and water meters to accurately calculate a customer’s utility bills at the end of each month. […]