How to Prepare Your Multifamily Property for a Heat Wave

Some people roll their eyes when they hear about heat waves on the news. But what they do not realize is that heat waves are much more dangerous natural disasters than hurricanes and tornadoes. Heat waves have the potential to cause people severe health problems and sometimes even death.

The term “heat wave” describes a situation where there are unusually hot temperatures for more than a few days in a particular location or region. A heat wave occurs when a high-pressure system in the sky forces warm air down toward the ground, trapping it there for as long as the high-pressure system persists.

The Top 4 Ways to Prepare Your Multifamily Property for a Heat Wave

Multifamily property owners and landlords must take the necessary precautions to protect their tenants from the dangers of a heat wave before it strikes. Not only do they have a moral responsibility to help protect their tenants, but they also have a legal responsibility in certain jurisdictions.

Are you a multifamily property owner or landlord? Here are four ways to prepare your multifamily property for a heat wave to keep your tenants as safe as possible.

1) Install and Maintain Air Conditioning

The number one thing you should do is install an air conditioning system on your multifamily property that can supply cool air to all its units. It could be a central air conditioning system or individual air conditioners for each unit, but centralized air is preferred.

Some lease agreements require tenants to maintain the air conditioners of their units by cleaning them and replacing air filters. If your lease agreement with your tenants does not have this requirement, you must do the maintenance work yourself. Either way, you should regularly inspect the air conditioning system to ensure it remains in good working condition.

2) Use Lighter Paint Colors on the Walls

Did you know darker paint colors can retain solar energy and heat from the sun? If any interior or exterior walls have direct exposure to sunlight, paint them with lighter colors like white and light blue. Otherwise, darker-colored walls could increase the temperatures inside and outside your multifamily property units.

3) Add Window Treatments

Adding window treatments to the windows of your multifamily property units can significantly reduce the amount of sunlight and heat coming through them. Some popular window treatments for blocking sunlight are drapes, shades, and shutters. You could also add a solar window screen or tint to reduce heat transmissions while allowing tenants to look through the glass.

How to Prepare Your Multifamily Property for a Heat Wave

4) Educate Tenants on Proper Safety Tips

Talk with your tenants about the best ways to stay safe during a heat wave. Some helpful tips you could offer them include:

  • A tutorial on how to change the air filters in their air conditioning systems.
  • A list of items to put in their first aid kits to prepare for a heat wave
  • A tutorial on how to contact you to submit a repair or aid request
  • A tutorial on what to do during a power outage (you may want to purchase a generator to supply power to all your units temporarily)
  • A list of symptoms associated with heat-based health conditions (e.g., sunburns, heatstroke, heat exhaustion)

You do not have to be a doctor or healthcare professional to offer helpful tips to tenants. They will appreciate your suggestions, which will help grow their trust in you as their landlord.

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