The Peak Services Timeline


Scope Development

Our experienced team has the track record and experience to help our clients develop and design a project that will maximize their return on investment.



Peak’s estimators will provide scope, cost and schedule breakdowns and work with your team to develop value engineered strategies when necessary.



With our extensive experience in not just renovation of multifamily, but also in owning as well, we know time is money. Peak approaches every project with a schedule first mentality.


Project Execution

our project management team is trained to optimize project efficiency by leveraging and facilitation transparent communicatioin with our clients and subcontractors.



Peak’s leadership places an emphasis on training techniques in risk management to ensure we constantly strive to create the safest work environment possible.

Interior Unit Renovations

Whether our clients are doing light turns to a few units or clearing out a building and taking it down to the studs, we specialize in interior unit renovations. Our focus is on creating a renovation machine through material procurement, site logistics and detailed project management. Our team is always focused on creating the most efficient production operation possible.

Exterior Renovations

Whether it involves the replacement of deteriorating concrete or the restoration of damaged stair treads, our dedicated team possesses the requisite resources to assist you in assessing potential liabilities, formulating cutting-edge designs aligned with industry standards, and implementing your exterior enhancement projects with punctuality and financial prudence. Regardless of the specific issue you aim to address or the value you aspire to introduce, it is highly probable that our experienced team has previously encountered similar challenges and is well-equipped to guide you through every phase of the investment lifecycle.

Amenity Spaces

Enhance your real estate investment by leveraging our expertise in revitalizing amenity spaces. Whether you aspire to create a new, inviting pool area, upgrade your clubhouse, establish a communal workspace, or craft an outdoor BBQ zone, our team excels in the transformation of these essential areas. Elevate the appeal of your property and attract tenants with our amenity space renovation services.

Damage Restoration

Our Damage Restoration services focus on the meticulous restoration of properties that have endured the adverse effects of both natural and human-made disasters. This comprehensive process encompasses repairs, thorough cleaning, and, when necessary, reconstruction to ensure that the property is reinstated to its original state as closely as possible. While severe damage may necessitate an extended and financially significant endeavor, our skilled professionals strive to salvage and restore the impacted property, with effective planning and precise execution at the core of our successful disaster restoration approach.

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