Why Your Multifamily Property Needs a Dog Washing Station

Did you know that more than 50% of American dog owners reside in the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the United States? If you own a multifamily property in a city or central urban location, you can expect to encounter prospective tenants who are dog owners. Of course, you could decide not to allow pets in your multifamily property units, but that will make most prospective tenants not want to rent them. Due to the increase in dog ownership nationwide, multifamily property owners like yourself need to accommodate dog owners rather than push them away. Not only that, but you should even go so far as to install a dog washing station on your property.

A dog washing station is an amenity your tenants can use to wash their dogs in a setting built for it. The typical dog washing station consists of stainless-steel washbasins, a pet dryer, a hair vacuum system, and a hydraulic grooming table. It is easy for tenants to use the dog washing station to wash and clean their beloved dogs.

Recently Completed Dog Washing Station Project

Recently Completed Dog Washing Station Project

Below are the top four reasons to install a dog washing station on your multifamily property.

1) Convenient for Tenants

The traditional dog owner washes their dogs in the bathtubs of their homes, which in this case would be the bathtubs in your units. The problem is that it becomes highly inconvenient for your tenants because they splash water all over the bathroom and then have to clean it up. Plus, their dogs will shake off the water, causing it to fly onto the walls and personal possessions.

A dog washing station is an on-site amenity. The tenant is not responsible for cleaning the dog washing station after using it.

2) Prevent Drain Clogging Issues

Another bad thing about washing dogs in bathtubs is that dog hair sheds and clogs the drains. If your tenants end up with clogged drains, they will demand that you hire a plumber to unclog them. That means more time and expense for you as their landlord to resolve the issue.

A dog washing station prevents this problem from happening. The drains won’t get clogged if tenants no longer wash their dogs in the bathtubs. So, there should be fewer complaints about drain blockage after installing a dog washing station.

3) Encourage Socializing

Dog ownership brings people together. Tenants can make friends with each other by sharing a common interest in dog ownership. As tenants enter the dog washing station to wash their dogs, they will meet and get to know each other.

Your new dog washing station will encourage socializing on your multifamily property. If your tenants get along better, they are more likely to treat the property better and create a happier environment.

4) Make Extra Money

You could install the dog washing station as a free amenity for your tenants or charge them a monthly fee. It depends on what is in your best financial interests. If you need to make some extra money, it is okay to charge a small monthly fee to the tenants who want to use the dog washing station.

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