Steve Sanders


As the Controller for Peak Renovations, Steve adeptly fulfills a multifaceted role that draws upon his extensive 20+ years of Construction Accounting expertise. His proficiency encompasses a deep understanding of project cost accounting, as well as the management and reporting of the company’s financial health, underpinning the efficient and profitable growth of the organization. Steve’s specific responsibilities entail collaborating with the Chief Financial Officer to oversee the financial operations and strategic directives of the company, encompassing critical facets such as Accounts Payable and Receivable, job cost accounting, payroll management, and cash flow optimization. In addition to this, Steve is instrumental in the development and maintenance of robust internal accounting controls and financial reporting protocols for Peak Renovations, ensuring the meticulous oversight of work-in-progress and general ledger reporting. Steve’s academic foundation in accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington, combined with his membership in the Institute of Management Accountants, underscores his commitment to excellence in financial stewardship. Beyond his professional pursuits, Steve actively engages in community involvement as the men’s ministry leader in his church, while also nurturing a passion for sports, hiking, and memorable road trips.