Roxana Swanson

Purchasing Manager

Roxana holds the esteemed role of Purchasing Manager at Peak Renovations, where her responsibilities encompass the meticulous oversight of material procurement for all ongoing projects. Her exceptional attention to detail and adept multitasking skills are key attributes, allowing her to maintain seamless collaboration with vendors and superintendents to ensure the timely and cost-effective acquisition of materials for each project. Roxana brings a rich background in residential interior design and renovations to her current role. Within her previous experiences, she successfully combined her design acumen with budgetary expertise, effectively sourcing and procuring the requisite materials and finishes for construction projects, along with the selection of furnishings and artwork to complete each undertaking. Moreover, in her capacity as a Project Manager during renovations, she ensured that all projects were executed in strict adherence to their respective plans. Beyond her professional endeavors, Roxana dedicates her time to family, actively engages in volunteering within the school community, and generously imparts her expertise as a middle school volleyball coach.