Jeff Dyer

Project Manager

Jeff Dyer serves as the Project Manager for Peak Renovations, where he plays a pivotal role in collaborating with stakeholders and sub-contractors to proficiently oversee, strategize, and execute multifaceted renovation projects within the multi-family sector. His primary objective is to establish enduring, interpersonal, and mutually advantageous relationships across all facets of the industry to ensure the successful completion of both current and prospective projects. Drawing upon extensive experience as a Project Manager, Jeff possesses a profound understanding of the driving forces that enable his peers to effectively collaborate and attain their team’s objectives. He firmly believes that through the pillars of effective communication, motivation, and team cultivation, he can lead his team towards triumph and deliver results that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Throughout his tenure as a Project Manager, Jeff’s professional journey has taken him across the United States and even as far as Puerto Rico. When he’s not engaged in his work-related travels, you’ll find Jeff at the baseball field with his family, actively coaching his youngest son, or visiting his eldest children who are pursuing their education at college.