Eli Cisneros

Project Coordinator

Eli Cisneros holds the position of Project Coordinator at Peak Renovations, where his pivotal role encompasses setting up all new Sub and Vendor Contracts while collaborating closely with the Finance and Accounts Payable departments. With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, Eli’s extensive knowledge has been cultivated through diverse roles, including self-employment as a skilled tradesman, Renovation Specialist, and Estimating Manager. Eli is a fervent proponent of continuous self-development and has consistently led teams to triumph by providing guidance and mentorship to both friends and colleagues, enabling them to reach their objectives. His professional track record reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence, earning him a reputation as a high achiever and a valuable team player throughout his various managerial positions within the construction industry. His journey in the industry commenced during high school, instilling in him a resolute work ethic that propelled him swiftly into management roles.